Photos from South Eastern Regional Finals 2010


The south eastern regional level 1 finals took  place on January 31st 2010 at Rathdrum Co Wicklow . A  team of gymnasts from Dungarvan Gymnastics Club travelled to compete and were successful with  the under 11 team coming 1st , 4 of our gymnasts , Evana Mansfield, Sarah Twomey , Mairead Maye and Grace Montgomery qualifing for the National U11 finals at level 1A. Success was also achieved on an individual basis for Arina Jefisova who came 1st in level 1A over 11 and Margaret Frost who came second in the level 1B over 11. 



Gymnasts who competed at the regional finals at level 1




The under 11 team who came 1st in level 1A 

Sarah Twomey , Orla Renton, Grace Montgomery , Mairead Maye and Evana Mansfield

The gymnasts who qualified for the nationals

1st Evana Mansfield , 2nd Sarah Twomey, 3rd Mairead Maye, 4th Grace Montgomery


Arina Jefisova who came 1st place at level 1A over 11. 


Margaret Frost who qualified in 2nd place for the national finals Level 1B over 11